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Most people think of an electrician as someone who installs, repairs, and maintains electrical power for lighting, appliances, and communications in our homes and businesses. But did you know that we also have a fundamental and critical role in the field of audio? An audio signal in a wire is in fact, an electrical voltage. Only instead of being fed to a light bulb in a lamp, it goes to an amplifier to power a speaker. When that current flows through a speaker coil, it creates a magnetic field that pushes and pulls the speaker, producing the physical sound waves we hear.

The applications of audio in our homes and businesses are plenty. There is some really neat technology present in a wide variety of products we use each and every day. Also, some things that make life, just a little bit cooler.

At On Line Electric we take the complexities of these advanced and often overwhelming products and services like Home Automation and Audio Streamers out of the picture. We guide you through the options, with our friendly and highly experienced technicians.

Home Theatre / Surround Sound

Get out the popcorn! If sound quality and immersive experiences are the top priorities in your home audio upgrade, home theatre surround sound is the obvious choice. Give your favourite movies and music the 5 star treatment, or should we say, the 5.1 channel treatment.

While sound quality is the most important aspect of home theatre audio systems you should consider features such as size and mounting options as you decide which surround sound speakers is best for you. Many companies offer modular speaker lines which allow you to meet somewhere in the middle by starting with a surround sound system, then amping up as you become more invested in the perfect sound.

Installing in-wall speakers is popular for smaller home theatre setups to save space. In wall speakers are designed to blend into the room. Select speakers with grills that match the paint of the home theatre walls for some extra style. Still, many people are happy to sacrifice space for sound quality.

If you are unsure which is right for you, our audio electricians in Vancouver, Comox, and Courtenay, BC. will be happy to assist in evaluating your space, and answering any of your questions.

Multi-room audio

Imagine being able to hear, play, pause, and adjust the volume of your favourite song or radio show from any room in your home or business. Multi-Room sound lets you do just that! Play music throughout your smart home from your phone, streaming services and more.

Multi room audio systems tend to be wireless and controlled using an app, handheld controller, etc. So aside from ensuring a power supply is nearby, and you have your smart phone ready, speakers can be positioned wherever you like in your home or business. There are several methods and technologies to consider when it comes to Multi-Room audio(distributed audio). In fact many of the best multi room audio systems now come with smart speakers, wireless speakers, AV receivers, sound bars, stereo amplifiers and network music streamers.

Music Streamers

Where Multi-Room is the tech enabling the music we love to be heard where ever we are, Music Streamers, or Network Streamers, give you something to actually play on your fully connected audio system.

Digital Media Streaming has been around for years, and was not the most reliable over other mainstream products and technology(ie. satellite radio) of the time. However, with today’s improved high speed internet speeds, it has never been easier with the right guidance and help from professionals.

On Line Electric can walk you through all the options in a clear and easy to understand way. Get advice and recommendations from our expert audio electricians in Vancouver, Comox, and Courtenay, BC. What are you going to stream first?


So your home or commercial property is an entertainment powerhouse. You can share, stream, and basically listen to anything you like in any room you like. What else can you do? Well, for those looking to blaze ahead into the future and the cutting edge, you probably have Home Automation somewhere on your list of to do’s.

The audio services we can provide are capable of integrating tightly to most commonly used automation use cases found in smart homes. For example, personalized profiles scheduled to recall your favourite settings automatically, can now control your audio and music streaming system. Play soothing sounds of a mountain river or ocean waves when settling in for sleep, or a lively party mix for your annual neighbourhood BBQ.

Our experts in Vancouver, Comox, and Courtenay, BC. are standing by to help you. Contact us today for your free consultation.


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